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Where is ESPNU

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Where is ESPNU

Come on, please update YOUR customers on the status

Re: Where is ESPNU

Good luck.  Comcast treats us terribly.  Can't tell you how many times I've asked and requested Atlanta get additional HD channels and my responses have been silence.
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Re: Where is ESPNU

If you go to www.espnu.com which will actually forward to the ESPN U website, there is a search feature that you can use located at the top half of the page where you can input your zip code and then chose the provider to see what channel you find ESPN U on.


Of course, Comcast doesn't have this channel -- I'd like to see it as well.


The form that the site generates to send off to comcast doesn't seem to work though. All I can do is enter my name -- the rest of the form or letter is missing including the submit button.


I wonder though if Comcast actually reads those types of request letters.

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Re: Where is ESPNU

It's Sad when the largest cable company in the U.S. does not carry "ESPNU". But I can get "TVONE" on 2 channels here in Philly. Doesn't make sense. The only reason I'm a comcast customer is because Directv doesn't carry Philadelphia Comcast Sportsnet or I would of switched a long time ago.
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Re: Where is ESPNU

Comcast doesn't provide ESPN U because it doesn't have an ownership stake in ESPN U.  They won't tell you that but that's why.


Note that we have Versus and Golf Channel on basic--because Comcast owns those channels.  We will have The Baseball Network because Comcast, like the other cable giants, has an ownership interest in that channel as well.


The NFL Network  is owned soley by the NFL.  Comcast is angry at the NFL for giving Direct TV exclusive rites to the very profitable Sunday Ticket.  Because of those two factors, Comcast placed The NFL Network on the sports tier which has led to litigation.


ESPN U wants to be on, at minimum, digitial basic.  Comcast only wants it on a sports tier.  Because of that, the two sides can't work out a deal... and we're the ones that suffer.  If Comcast had a piece of ESPN U, there is no doubt that we would have it but until then, while they argue, we get the shaft.

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Re: Where is ESPNU

It sounds like Comcast wants to build up the Sports and Entertainment package. NFL Network has been placed on a Sports Tier (costing extra for subscription). Comcast supposedly would want to put ESPN U on the same sports tier. The Big10 network was added, but somehow didn't go on the sports tier.


I remember when I use to have the Fox Movie Channel as part of my service -- that got moved to the entertainment part of the sports/entertainment package.

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Re: Where is ESPNU

I been wanting espn U for a long time ago. come on comcast put it on the sports tier.
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Re: Where is ESPNU

Oh, believe me, Comcast wanted on the sports tier big-time! B10 basically said well than, "get-bent" Dish Network was the only one to come out and say, ok we'll add it to the base pack with out much of an arguement, but there still was "negotiating"....you may see it move to a pay-per pack on the providers just like NFL after a few years



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