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The Buzzr Channel

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The Buzzr Channel

Does anyone know if Comcast is going to show the new Buzzr Channel (old game shows)?

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Re: The Buzzr Channel

jerryfer wrote:

Does anyone know if Comcast is going to show the new Buzzr Channel (old game shows)?

I don't know where you are, but I have Buzzr in my channel lineup and have had for some time. So, it is one that they carry.

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Re: The Buzzr Channel

Buzzr is NOT a cable channel. It is a subchannel of a broadcast channel. Comcast can only provide Buzzr if a channel in your television market has it as a subchannel. See a list of where Buzzr is available by clicking here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buzzr

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Re: The Buzzr Channel

And, that station has to have an agreement with Comcast to pass it on.

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Re: The Buzzr Channel

And now it's gone, at least here in Boston. It's possible Buzzr has followed the same pattern as AntennaTV, which we also recently lost along with GRIT.


1. Affiliate gets sold (true for all three of these).

2. Digital signal gets very choppy, rendering the channel largely unwatchable and indicating neglect by the new owner.

3. Channel quietly goes away without notice, once the affiliate's agreement with the network ends. (The AntennaTV channel here now says "WBIN no longer broadcasts programming seen on this channel.")


It's not within Comcast's control what happens with these digital subchannels; it's up to the affiliate whether they carry programming such as AntennaTV and Buzzr.


We of course can let Comcast and the Networks know we want to see these channels in our market.


AntennaTV replied to me that they're trying find a new Boston area affiliate. Meantime they suggested contacting local stations. That's asking a bit much tbh.


WBIN's main affiliate, channel 50.1 or ch18 on Xfinity, carries AntennaTV programming much of the day though.


I wrote to WLVI to ask if they could improve the Buzzr transmission. The next day it was pretty much gone altogether. Coincidence? lol


According to Xfinity's channel lineup, Buzzr should still be an active channel; the message I'm seeing is "signal interrupted." So perhaps it's not a lost cause. Shame bc they started rolling out some fresh MatchGame75 episodes. Oh well...

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Re: The Buzzr Channel

...and it seems to be back on Xfinity Boston as of today. Good news. Let's hope for for good. Fingers crossed.

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