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Soapnet ch 120

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Soapnet ch 120

I got a message about soapnet being replaced by a disney channel. Where is the Soap channel going?

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Re: Soapnet ch 120

Unfortunately it isn't going anywhere, Soapnet ceased operations on March 22, 2012. 

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Re: Soapnet ch 120

OK so are we all done with the mass manipulation of ABC/Disney? It isnt enough that they took off almost all of the ABC soaps now they are taking away the only way working women can watch the only soap left on that network at night? Then to replace it with ANOTHER cartoon channel. Honestly enough is enough! What is this network trying to do to us! Who decided this? No one received a survey about how we wanted our soaps replaced by yet another do good feel good show taped with all these perfect looking people. You know what that does, just makes us feel worse about ourselves. ABC/Disney is trying to shove this perfect utopia down our throats and I have had it! Those shows were part of generations, gee I though that is what Disney was all about, tradition and generational passage! Enough with the kid fantasys! Give us back our shows so we can escape our reality .  I don't think Mr. Walt Disney would be happy with the new marketing stragedy of putting thousands of soap opera actors out of work.  I plea to all parents who are sick of this to boycot that channel. I also put out a plea to Comcast to please put the soaps on demand. I am also reconsidering a family vacation to Disney next year, Universal is looking better and better!

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Re: Soapnet ch 120

Comcast cannot add soaps to On Demand if the NETWORKS do not release them for On Demand. You want them there-contact the networks.


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