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Seasonal Digital Music Station

Can't believe that we are now having to listen to Holiday music on the station that plays ome of the best electronic and ambinet music, when playing  trite music.


Who makes music decisions at Xfinity ? how do we get someone to reconsider the decision to start playing trite holiday musiak on the Seasonsal station


Joe & Lisa Wyman

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Re: Seasonal Digital Music Station

I don't get what your getting at here.

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Re: Seasonal Digital Music Station

Comcast buy's Music Choice which is part of your subscription from Music Choice, which decides their programming, not Comcast.


You can contact Music Choice and voice your concerns here.

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Re: Seasonal Digital Music Station

here is the pdf of what is playing on the season channel and when.



Saturday Sept 22, 2012 thru Sunday Oct. 7, 2012 - Oktoberfest

Monday Oct. 8, 2012 thru Thursday Nov. 1, 2012 – Halloween

Friday Nov. 2, 2012 thru Sunday Jan 6, 2013 – Christmas