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S0a00 error in SLC (channels suddenly not available)

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S0a00 error in SLC (channels suddenly not available)

Two days ago, my TV started displaying the following message:


"ONE MOMENT PLEASE This channel should be available shortly. Ref code: S0a00".


It shows this on all channels. I'm not sure why it is doing this. Any suggestions?


(**I have comcast service for TV and internet, and my internet has no problems**)




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Re: S0a00 error in SLC (channels suddenly not available)

The message should say "The signal for this channel is not usable". Try unplugging the power cord for a minute. If that doesn't help, please see http://forums.comcast.com/t5/XfinityTV-and-Equipment/ref-code-S0a00/m-p/1155673#M42454.

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Re: S0a00 error in SLC (channels suddenly not available)

This message can mean more than one thing. Usually its an interuption or degraded signal to your cable box. An easy way to determine if you have some signal even if it bad quality is if the time is correct on the flipbar that pops up on when you change a channel & should also be showing now. If the time says 12:00 and it's not really 12:00, then check if someone accidentally disconnected that outlet. 


The other common cause of this is the cable box itself being disabled either from your accound being delinquent or a code problem on your account. 


So..if the time on your dct is correct, we know your at least getting some signal. To check if the dct is disabled or not, click the menu button on your remote ( usually twice). Select setup, and/or cable box setup, then select to display button. On the right side at the top, it will say disconnected: (either yes or no). If it's yes, then it's an account problem. If no, then most likely your going to need a service call. 


Edit: Read your post again & your internet is fine? I'd have a look at your bill. When your account starts going delinquent, services are not all shut down at once. PPV is restricted, then video disable, followed by internet, then finally phone. It's something that many people over look when trouble shooting.


If you schedule a service call, I strongly recommend having the cable guard added. The cost of 1 service call is more than a year of cable guard. Cable guard covers all inside wiring, exterior cable, splitters, connectors. It does not cover customer equipment issues, education etc. Not in your case, but benefit to others reading this, make sure your tv is on the correct input or channel. Unless the cable box is dead, you should always see something come on your screen when changing the channel. If you don't, chances are, the input or channel was changed. 


Hope this helped and good luck with your problem

Matt - cct4 

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Re: S0a00 error in SLC (channels suddenly not available)

We have Ref code: SOa00 at least once a day.  Dude our bill is paid.  It make you think Dish is a great deal. The last time I called in on this matter my internet was turned off an alert tech in India.  I think Comcast wants the money for a service call.  Word around here is that will take six weeks to happen.  I am going work on changing our service and send a note to the Utility Commision. It an election Year.

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