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Online Xfinity Search Is Useless.

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Xfinity needs to upgrade their search engine. In the past week I've searched for 2 programs online so far. Both have produced no online results. Where's the convenience when I'm online and I come across a movie or show I want to see,to find out if it's available or not?  Trek Nation which I found today on my dvr box search and not here. And a movie called The Devil's Double. Which was just released today Nov.18,Video On Demand. You think that would show up in a search? I'm near Philadelphia here,so it isn't like I'm not in a major market area. I like the convenience when online to set up a program to record or the availability of it. What other options do we have to do both,other then here when you can find it?

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I just did a search and they both came up on the website for xfinity tv.  here is the first one as an example.


  • 1 search results
  • Trek Nation

    The "Star Trek" phenomenon and the legacy of creator Gene Roddenberry are examined.

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That's really weird Rog. Although I found it through my dvr box search. This is what I get from the link you provided. We're sorry - this program currently has no listings in your area. I have the Science channel here,it came up on my dvr box search,but yet not here online? I'm online a lot doing ahem work,and as I said I like the convenience of looking up programs here. Something is broken on their search?

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it must be a market thing, why that is I cannot tell you.  

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Oh well guess I'll just have to remember the titles or write them down,if they don't come up in a search online here?  Now If I could just remember where I put my pens and paper? Oh yes they're up in the attic in a dusty old box.