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Not Authorized Message on channels in my package after a recent package update

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Not Authorized Message on channels in my package after a recent package update

I recently updated my cable tv package - to include HBO! - and keep all of the channels I already had in the first place. Except now most of the channels don't work!  I get the following message:


"Not authorized, HGTV, for ordering information, press info"


We specifically discussed on the phone having channels such as "HGTV" and etc. I'm a mother, I mean, c'mon.

My husband is mad about the ESPN. The agent told me it may take an hour for the channels to load. That was around 10am this morning. I'm just now getting around to checking at 6pm. 


So, what's the deal? 





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Re: Not Authorized Message on channels in my package after a recent package update

Hi-I hope your problem has been resolved by now....but the same thing happened to me.. I had a recent package change because my bill goes up every year and seems to be different every month.  We started experiencing extreme pixelating and blacking out interupting at least 3/4 of the programs about 12months ago which got progressivle worse.  I called several times before they sent someone out.  First they replaced the box and that did not work then, They sent out another  technician who replaced all the inside wiring and the wire to the pole and nothing helped.  They just cannot figure this out and now are telling me it's something inside my walls when I don't have anything inside my walls because they ran the new wires drilling directly through my house from the outside.  They made holes everywhere it is a shame that this company cannot fix this. In additon to the pixelating and blacking out of the screen I get messages on my local channels telling me the channnel is not authorized. It is completely insane.   I am putting together a video of all the problems we are seeing and sending it to the CEO.   I was told by the phone rep a few months ago that they were working on wires and lines out on the roads and that was where the problem was now they deny it. It is unbelievable and unacceptable to be paying 175.00 for this crappy no service....Comcast needs to update their technology or pay their satellite bill.  Just no words left to describe the frustration.

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