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NBA Blackout Information


NBA Blackout Information

XFINITY is your home for the most live sports, giving you access to the sports you love when and where you want. As an XFINITY TV customer, you can enjoy more sports your way - live in HD on your TV, streaming online and even through XFINITY On Demand!

It's important to remember, however, that sometimes sports can be subject to blackout restrictions. A blackout is when sports teams and leagues (or schools and conferences) prohibit certain games from being seen on certain channels due to ticket sales or games being carried on other channels.


National Basketball Association (NBA)

Very few preseason games are televised locally or nationally, and none are subject to blackouts.

Regular Season
Over the course of the NBA's season, nationally-televised games may appear on ABC, ESPN, TNT and NBA TV. All games on ABC will not be shown on any other local broadcast station or regional cable network and are not subject to blackouts. Only some games shown on ESPN and TNT are exclusive to those networks, while others are subject to blackouts because they will be shown on a local station or regional network instead. In addition, all games on NBA TV are subject to blackouts. Note: Local and regional airings are never blacked out. You'll just need to change the channel to find the game you're looking for.

For an additional fee, customers can purchase the NBA LEAGUE PASS Pay Per View (PPV) package, a collection of most of the televised games from other markets. The only games in the NBA LEAGUE PASS package that are subject to blackout are those also carried on a local station or regional cable network.

The NBA Playoffs consists of four rounds of games. Games during the first two rounds may be televised locally, regionally or nationally. During these first two rounds, games televised nationally may be blacked out on the national network and shown on a local station or regional network. Games during the third round are shown exclusively on ESPN or TNT, and the NBA Finals are shown exclusively on ABC. Games in the final two rounds are not subject to any blackouts. The schedule is sometimes not determined until the last minute, as one day's schedule sometimes depends on the outcome of the previous day's game(s).


More About Finding Your Favorite Sports Games & Teams

  • Overflow Channels - In many larger markets, the number of games being played at the same time frequently exceeds the number of available channels/networks. When this occurs, the second (or third) simultaneous game will be televised on a part-time, extra channel.
  • To find out what channel a particular game is going to be on or when and where to catch coverage of your favorite team, we recommend that you check the local listings on your on-screen guide or visit team, league, school and conference websites for the most up-to-date information (weather and post-season scheduling can change frequently).
  • For more information on accessing sporting events online, please see What is TV Everywhere?.

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Problem Solver

Re: NBA Blackout Information

Jessie do you know if there will be an HD beta for the NBA league pass package for X1 customers?

New Poster

Re: NBA Blackout Information

Why does Xfinity blackout NBATV games that are not available through a local broadcaster? For example, Tonight's game (9/7/17) Milwaukee vs. Cleveland is not available in Harrisburg, PA. I understand when games for local teams are blacked out. Games played by the Philadelphia 76ers or Washington Wizards are available through a local broadcaster and would likely be subject to a blackout on NBATV. When I had DISH that was the case for this particular market, however all other teams games aired. It is very frustrating to plan on watching a game on NBATV only to find out that Xfinity has decided to black it out. Is there any rhyme or reason to these blackouts? Why does this game in cleveland get blacked out on NBATV when only a few weeks ago one aired fine?? I just LOVE setting up DVR timers to record games only to find that I have a recording of a message telling me that Xfinity is blocking me from watching!

New Poster

Re: NBA Blackout Information

Can you please explain why games on NBA TV are being blacked out?  For instance, last Saturday's Knicks-Rockets (11/25/2017) was blacked out in Downingtown, PA.  We are not a local market for either team nor was it available on any other channel.  I pay for the sports tier so that I can watch games like these. 

New Poster

Re: NBA Blackout Information

I am am xfinity customer, premium sports channel subscriber, and an NBA League Pass subscriber.  I subscribe to the latter because I am a Sixers fan and I am out of market (Gettysburg, PA).  Once again I am blacked out of today’s game due to blackout for local restrictions.  But the game is not televised locally, not on any of my gazillion xfinity channels.  NBA league pass blacks it out cause it’s on NBA TV and NBA TV blacks It out presumably because of a contract obligation with someone who has broadcast rights for my area.  I have called xfinity who says they have nothing to do with it and NBA TV is impossible to contact.  Seems like xfinity ultimately controls the situation as they have control what is broadcast to ME.  Xfinity is blacking it out to me but is not broadcasting this on any other channel.  What gives?  The last time tthis happened, I wasted considerable time talking with customer service for NBA league pass. Tv, and xfinity.  No one had a clue.  They just keep talking nonsense until you go away.  Frustrating to say the least.

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