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Favorites List as Default?

Sorry if this is old news, but I'm new to Comcast and couldn't find the question discussed elsewhere.


Is there a way to set up the remote so that when a person hits the "Guide" button the guide that is displayed is the customized "Favorites" list?


I've tried hiting "Cable" then "FAV" as the directions say, but that just moves the TV to the next channel.


Right now, if I'm watching a channel and hit "Guide" it starts on the the channel I'm viewing but lists all the channels. Then, if I hit "FAV" it goes to my Favorite list but goes to the very top. You have to crawl through the list to get to the channel you were watching, then go on from there.


Any solution, please? Thanks.

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Re: Favorites List as Default?

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Yes you can in fact program the remote so that when the guide button is pressed the primary favorite list will be displayed. To do this you create what is called a "macro".


Make sure that you already have a Favorites List created. This process does not "delete" the channels from your receiver. It only creates a "shortcut" for displaying your Favorite Channel list.


Here are the steps :

1) Press the Cable button on the top of the remote

2) Press and Hold the Setup button until the remote light blinks twice then release the Setup Button.

3) Type in code 995

4) Press the following buttons in this order : GUIDE, GUIDE, FAV

5) Press and hold the Setup button until the remote light blinks twice.

6) Your Guide button is programmed to display your favorites list everytime it is pushed.


To remove this Macro follow the same steps as above, but in Step 4) Only push the Guide button.


Hope that helps.


- J & D in Minneapolis

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Re: Favorites List as Default?

Great answer.  Thanks.