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I have comcast and get ESPN, ESPN2 but not ESPNU. Why? When one calls, emails, etc all there is is doublespeak. Why can I not get ESPNU. If I lived in R.I. or had Direct TV I could get it. When the Gov. wanted Big East final on tv and it was on ESPNU, someone threw the switch and it happened in CPTV. So why is COMCAST unwilling or unable to flip the switch and give us ESPNU?
Will anyone reply, I hope so, but won't bet on it.
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It's not a matter of "flipping a switch".  It's a matter of Comcast and ESPN coming to an agreement over how much ESPN will get for Comcast to carry their channel, what level of service the channel will appear on, etc.

The suits have to agree before ESPNU comes to Comcast.
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I'm guesing it will be at least another 5 years, possibly 10.