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Did they take away Tru Tv from expanded basic?

I recently went to watch a TRU TV formerly Court TV and now it says it's not authorized. Did anyone recieve a letter stating they weren't getting it anymore because i know i didn't and I want it back!

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Re: tru tv taken away ??

PS:  A petition or protest isn't going to accomplish a thing.  Put your money where your mouth is and get a different provider.  You won't be sorry.

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Re: Did they take away Tru Tv from expanded basic?

i will be droping comcast asap this is crazy . comcast know this i will  be going to dish network  and i hope more people also change i hope i hurts comcast badly.

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First they took TRUTV, now they've taken TLC!

This is in San Jose, CA area.


I'm shopping for alternatives to their overpriced internet and tv services.  Then will come all the special offers to try to get customers back.

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Re: Did they take away Tru Tv from expanded basic?

Sevebp wrote:

The actual cable channels are to blame as well as Comcast.  First off a cable channel like  The Learning Channel is not really an edcational channel like it was in the past , TruTV is not a court room channel, The Weather Channel is not an actual weather forcast channel even Food Network is not a real cooking network.  All these channel have other entertainment and reality programming that is cheap to produce and therefore they can demand that the cable company pays more for subscriber to carry their service,  when the cost goes up Comcast and others can do one of two things   1) raise our monthy rates and with the economy they would loose customers so they 2)  move these channels to high tiers like  Preferred.  Basically we pay more if we choose say Starter or Economy and get less programming options.  It is the greed of the cable channel knowing they can force the cable company like Comcast to change a higher fee and Comcast for playing this game and as the subscribers we loose sort of a bait and switch after the fact and I am sure there are more channel switching planned for the rest of 2012 then a rate increase in 2013.



This response is spot-on.  Content providers have gotten greedier, and figured out that they can play hardball for increased per-subscriber retransmission fees from cable and satellite companies.


The sports cable networks were the pioneers in this area.  Thanks to the reality that many sports fans are akin to heroin junkies - they must have their fix no matter what it costs - and the rather cold calculation by cable/satellite operators that they do not dare risk the reputational damage of having ESPN, ESPN2, Root Sports, NBCSports or other sports channels terminate carriage on Comcast......all of us are forced to pay for ever increasing fees in a "take it or leave it" one-size-fits-all Digital Starter service tier.


One wishes that Comcast could push the sports channels - where per-subscriber monthly fees are reportedly as high as $5/month - into the Digital Preferred tier or better yet into dedicated "Sports Packages", since that would allow Digital Starter pricing to soften and for non-sports channels to be added into this service tier that have been crowded out by the outrageous fees charged for jock-centric programming.

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