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past due bill

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past due bill

How many days past due on your bill can you be before they interrupt your service?
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Re: past due bill

ltjlpn wrote:
How many days past due on your bill can you be before they interrupt your service?

You will get the correct answer by calling 1-800 comcast and speaking with someone in the Billing Department. Those of us that monitor the Forums are customers like yourself and do not have access to your account information.

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Re: past due bill

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If you don't make your payment one month, the charge will appear on your next bill as past due.


In some areas, if not paid within 45 days after the due date your service will be shut off until the payment is made.  As Carole stated, you will need to call Comcast and ask what the policy is.


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Does your town have an official website? If it does, look on the site and see if the municipal code is posted. If it is, look for a section regarding cable franchises. In my city, it's called Cable Television Systems. This is a very detailed code for cable companies-which regulates HOW they do business in the city.

Read the code. See if there is anything about disconnecting for non-payment.


The code for my city states


If any subscriber fails to pay a properly due monthly subscriber fee, or any other properly due fee or charge, a grantee may disconnect the subscriber's outlet; provided, however, that such disconnection shall not be effected until after the later of: (i) forty-five (45) days after the due date of said delinquent fee or charge; or (ii) ten (10) days after delivery to subscriber of written notice of the intent to disconnect. If a subscriber pays before expiration of the later of (i) or (ii), the grantee shall not disconnect. After disconnection, upon payment in full of the delinquent fee or charge and the payment of a reconnection charge, the grantee shall promptly reinstate the subscriber's cable service.




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Re: past due bill

I am past due on my bill due to a extreme family emergency.  I would have never of fathomed this occuring.  Isnt thee something they can do to keep my services on?  I am trying to get help but my mom has Epilepsy and is very ill so its just me that has to worry about everything.  Yes, she worries, but she tries her best.  Do you know of any resources that my help us wih anythingn rigt now?  Thank you for your time.


Jonathan Vance