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month in advance

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My family has had comcast since they took over Suburban Cablevision about 15-20 years ago. And my mother always complained that the company charges her a month in advance, and if you don't pay they shut you off instantly.


   Last month I moved in my first apartment and got Comcast. I got my first bill around Feb. 10th for the first months service plus installation (2/01-3/01) due 3/08...no problem. Then yesterday (3/02) I got another bill for for my 3/01-4/01 monthly service, and it is due 3/19. 

   Why is Comcast charging me a month in advance? The only thing I can think of is it's a penalty for having a poor credit score. I don't even mind being sent a bill a month ahead, but don't make the due date half way through the cycle.

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No penalty. That is standard with Comcast. I have decent credit, own my own home and the bill is still done a month in advance. Just the way they do things. Never heard about the instant cut off of services for being late, usually a late fee is added to the bill.


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I had a terrible experience with a billing rep yesterday (March 17). I got my paper bill, of course billing me for the month in advance (3-22 to 4-21). but i also owed $45.59 from last month. I'm on SSD and I get my check on the 3rd of the month. I go to Wal-Mart to cash my check and that's when I pay my bill. However, last month I didn't receive my paper bill so I went to Comcast's payment center (which is by the way 20 miles away from where i live). Last month's bill was approximately $243.60 and I told the woman there that I could only pay $200. The teller proceeded to tell me that I'd then have to contact customer service to make a billing arrangement so my service wouldn't be shut off toward the end of the month. I proceeded to contact customer service where I was told that there was NO way to guarentee my service from being shut off at the next shutoff date (March 27 or some such date). Here, I was told my service was going to be shutoff because I couldn't pay $45.59 and I don't have a checking account to make a post dated check so I could make a payment arrangement. I was livid. She told me that there was no way to they could move the shutoff date until a later date. She said there was No way, and that a supervisor would tell me the same thing. I asked her "What, are you all run by computers and machines?, that nothing could be done? She got offended when I told her she was a liar and then switched me over to Michael (the only name the supervisor gave me). I was shaking I was so upset. i thought I was going to have a heart attack, I was so enraged. I'm counting on Michael, now, because he moved my shutoff date until 4-8, I told her right from the start I would be able to make the full payment on 4-3. Anyway, the matter was resolved but it certainly ruined my day.