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confusing or deceptive internet pricing

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confusing or deceptive internet pricing

Can anybody help me make sense of the xfinity internet only packages? if you look on their web page under internet deals, they have a $29.99 plan for performance plus with upto 60 mbps. the next package up is 150 mbps for $44.95, with , and i quote "Upgrade to Performance Pro speeds included" . so, that looks to me like you pay an extra $15 (from $29.99-$44.95) for the speed increase from 60 mbps to 150 mbps. but when you click on "pricing and other info" you get this message ...." Comcast’s monthly service charge for Performance Plus Internet service, ranges based on area, from $64.95 to $66.95, and for upgrading from Performance Plus to Performance Pro Internet service is $15.00 more per month (subject to change). so its not $15 dollars to upgrade ($29.99-$44.99) to upgrade from performance plus to performance pro, its actually $34.96 more($64.95), and you still get an extra $15 dollar charge for the speed upgrade, even though it clearly states  "Upgrade to Performance Pro speeds included". so am i to understand the $44.99 performance pro internet actually costs $79.95? and the $29.99 package actually cost $64.95? more than double of what the advertised price is? and that before the $10 modem rental, $22.13 in taxes, surcharges, and fees. $1.24 in universal connectivity charge, $0.34 regulatory fees. so you sign up for the $29.99 package, and your bill shows up for $98.66. 3 times the advertised price? You know, ive never had a problem with comcast service, internet always works, fast speeds. and the real prices arent that crazy high when compared to the competition, so i think you would have many fewer angry customers, if you could just be honest about your prices.                                                                                                                                  

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Re: confusing or deceptive internet pricing

That seems similar to what I have been trying to figure out (after any promotional period).


All replies on this subject are "Double-talk". My head is still spinning from trying to make sense of current price list. That by the way is only one that count's after any promotional period. Promotional periods are shorter than total contract period, and can vary.


Maybe I should have mentioned that many promotions might allow you to try different levels of broadband for the same introductory price per month. Of course; at the end of the promotion period you are contracted to pay the regular price for what service you picked. This might be where you are confused.


In this type of case, Comcast might allow downgrading Internet to a lower broadband speed and price for the remaining contract depending on personal circumstances.

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Re: confusing or deceptive internet pricing

Lol. I am shocked I havent got an answer. Comcast doesnt even understand their own pricing.
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Re: confusing or deceptive internet pricing

You're right why isn't the government nailing Comcast for this deceptive pricing. You can't get a price list in writing either. I customer service person I spoke with wouldn't email me one and said I had to go to a service center.

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