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What are "Additional XFINITY Voice Services"?

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Hi, I am wondering what is a certain charge on my bill called "Additional XFINITY Voice Services". The charge for this service is $7.55.


I thought my telephone service was included that $179.99 bundled charge, along with internet and TV? I know I didn't sign up for anything "additional" when it comes to the phone service.



My bill:


XFINITY Bundled Services 179.99
Additional XFINITY TV Services 17.40
Additional XFINITY Internet Services 0.00
Additional XFINITY Voice Services 7.55
Taxes, Surcharges & Fees 7.46
Total New Charges $212.40



Thank you for any insight.




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I also want to paste in some quotes from the comcast.com site when describing the phone service.

1. "Voicemail included at no additional cost"
2. "12 popular calling features
Get all the great features you’d expect, like Caller ID and Call Waiting, plus cool new features you’ll love - all at no additional cost."


So again I ask what the $7.55 additonal charge is for?

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I called comcast because I decided I couldn't wait. The additional $7.55 charge is the monthly rental fee for the voice modem. wow.

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You did the right thing.  Despite appearances, this is a customer to customer forum, and no one here could have answered your questions.  One Comcast (or Lithium) employee or another will drop in occasionally to refer a problem to an appropriate team, but explanations of bills are best resolved via a phone call to the local office.

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I just saw this extra charge on my bill and wondered where it came from.  Comcast never came to my home and gave me any additional equipment so why all of a sudden an additional charge for rental?  This BITES!

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where does comcast post their answers to these questions? all i see are questions from upset customers,,one of which i am right now.   personally i hate comcast, i hate my charges and all the little extras they throw in and i would imagine verizon is not much better.  pretty much all crooks.  monopolies !   why didnt i think of a racket like this !!!