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Watch Out for Blast! Internet Svc Charge on your bill! They will NOT credit you!

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I just noticed that I am being charged $10 per month for Blast! Internet.  The Comcast website specifically say which modem supports the Blast! service.  I have an older/slower modem which does not support this. I assumed that since I suddenly was being charged for this service that I was getting it.  I just found out that it is not the case and I have been charge $10 per month for this for the past 11 months.  I just called Comcast to ask them to credit me for those several months and the woman on the phone said it was MY fault that I didn't know my modem didn't support the faster speed.  I explained to her that that is Comcast's error...I never asked for this and was suddently charged for it - even though I rent the slower modem from Comcast.  The woman on the phone refused to credit me back. When I explained my reason for wanting the credit she HUNG UP ON ME!  I called back and have now been on hold for 45 minutes with no answer.  I am beyond frustrated and urge anybody who has Comcast to beware.  They might be charging you for something you are not able to receive.  What poor customer service.  They stole over $100 from me and say it's my fault.

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Anyway you can just go to the customer service center and get your modem replaced with a newer one.


You can also buy a modem (easy if you don't have voice also) from lots of places like amazon , costco and save the modem rental fee which is another $7.95.


Then you would save that fee and get the full value of your blast.

If you buy a modem then you have to return the old rental to the customer service center and get a reciept.

Make sure it is removed from your account.


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