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Unauthorized charges, poor customer service, fraud, lies, theft

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Unauthorized charges, poor customer service, fraud, lies, theft

I was charged for a large amount of premium services I did not order and were Unauthorized charges, including HBO latino(no one in the househould speaks spanish),  MLB extra Innings(I hate baseball),  HD boxing Mayweather(I've never watched a boxing match in my life, and HBO.  Some of the charges were even placed during Hurricane Irma, (I'm located in Florida) while the power was out, Comcast service was out, and my phones were dead.  I'm 100% confident these charges were not made by me or anyone in the household.


I contacted Comcast Billing Department via phone a few weeks ago and was told the charges would be removed from my bill immediately, except for the boxing which they would need to research to make sure I didn't watch before reversing the charge.  I checked online while I was on the phone call and saw my $289.35 bill had dropped to $33.62(which was the taxes, my normal bill is $0 as I am part of a comcast community building).  I was told the taxes would also be removed but would take a week to show up online.  She then told me she would transfer me to fraud department.  Instead I was transfered to some 3rd party, non-comcast credit monitoring service, that informed me they do not work for or with Comcast.


On 10/2/17  my autopay account was charged $257.43 and it shows a remaining balance of $31.92.  


On 10/6/17  I contacted Comcast Billing department via phone a 2nd time.  This time I spoke with Marquesha, who was unwilling to provide an Employee Id number.  She told me there was no record of the charges ever being removed.  She also said the charges were made via phone call, even though the 1st representative did not have this information.  She said there was no record of the 1st representative removing any of the charges, even though I saw my account credited.  Marquesha also stated the 1st representative must have lied to me, since they do not have the ability to remove such a large amount of Unauthorized Charges.  She claimedshe could not transfer me to a supervisor.  She stated she'd put in a ticket with a supervisor, and I'd be contacted "eventually". I asked what the latest I would be contacted is, and she could not provide a date.  Just that I needed to sit by home phone and answer when they called, since even though I'd given my cell phone number as well it was only in the comments and the supervisor may or may not bother to read comments.  I even asked if I could hear the calls requesting these charges and she said they do not have access to them, even though they are recorded.


This is completely unacceptable and outright fraud and theft.  I've already wasted hours of my life dealing with this.  I expect Comcast to make this right and refund my money.

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