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Seasonal suspension has NO connection to billing systems!!

Put my Florida account (tv and internet) on seasonal suspension on 17april2013.


The May bill (advance payment for May-June) was for the full amount (non-suspended) and did not have credit for the suspended service for April-May.


Discussed this with phone rep on friday 10may2013 and was told would be corrected.


As of today, balance still shows full amount owed - no correction.


This is unacceptable business practice.  Has this happened to others?

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Re: Seasonal suspension has NO connection to billing systems!!

you cant look at your bill online, its not updated real time.

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Re: Seasonal suspension has NO connection to billing systems!!

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rog286713 wrote:

you cant look at your bill online, its not updated real time.

Actually sometimes it is updated in real time. It always has been for me when I've called and ended up with a credit. The last time, which was in April, I saw the credit get listed under Pending payments and credits when I was still on the phone talking to the agent.


The time before that, also in April, a pending credit appeared within 5 minutes of me hanging up the phone.


And I also have seen Pending Charges updated in real time. Again, in April, 2 for a change of service fee showed up even though I did not make any service changes. One was charged a few hours after I had paid my bill and had not been there the day before. Someone pushed the wrong button when I called and the system saw it as a service change. I was able call each time I saw Pending Charges and get them taken care of-long before the next bill was generated. When I got the bill, they showed up as credits. And they also immediately showed up as credits online.


I've also seen PPV charges show up in the bill summary under Pending Charges when PPV's have been ordered sometime during the service period.


The total of the bill isn't updated until the next bill comes out. But pending charges and credits do get updated.


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