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Recent Billing SNAFU

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Recent Billing SNAFU

Three months ago I signed up for TV and internet.

This billing cycle my bill went up $70.00 and is going to be auto withdrawn from our checking account.

When we called Comcast said the error was on their end something to do with a software update or change.

We were told that we should let them auto withdraw the excess amount and we would be credited on the next billing cycle.

I personally think someone should go in and fix the error comcasts end and only withdraw what the our binding contract states.

The problem is compounded by the fact that when I bought the package from Comcast that I was to receive a $150.00 gift card which was never reeived.

Also for the last four weeks my TV service has been missing channels both non digital and digital, these channels seem to disappear on weekends and re appear on the week days.

I and my wife have made several calls to comcast in all of these instance and all of the problems still exist.

Is there anyone else out there having these issues or knows a lwyer that would like to start a class action law suit.

I have had enough bad service here to last a lifetime.

Also I am not a cronic winer or sue happy person just very frustrated in the total incompetance of a company that large.


Frustrated 0265


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