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Re: Why did my bill go up $19.00

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Re: Why did my bill go up $19.00

I want to know why my Xfinity bill has gone from $86.33 to $130.80  in one month?  I have not 

had any notification that rates were going to increase.  Please reply.   Phyllis Allen, account 

# ending in 5610.  Thank You.

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Re: Why did my bill go up $19.00

Hello AllenPJ. 


Sudden increases in fees are usually at the end of a promotional/ discount period. Discounted pricing only lasts for a limited period of time and does eventually shift to Everyday Price. If you review your past bills, you'll most likely see a warning of it somewhere on the bill. 


Have you tried to line up the new bill with an old one and go through it line by line to find out where the increased cost came in?