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New Comcast customer has reconnect fee - why

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First time Comcast customer with tv and cable.  On first bill is xdv1lineinst ($25), service activation ($29.95 and 10 for addl outlet) and Reconnect of 25.  Did chat and helpful fellow said this is obviously wrong.  He couldn't fix it t though and said I would have to phone comcast or visit a center.  Phoned.  They said the technician who came to install must have had to do something with the outside connection.  Well, maybe so, but why is that my problem?  Were I to have known about this before ordering and suggested I would rather have ATT I wonder if the 25 reconnect would have been waived.  This is the kind of runaround that is apprently giving Comcast a bad name.  Out of all the words in the universe, reconnect ought to mean reconnecting a user who had been disconnected at his/her own choosing and not something else of comcast's devising.