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Monthly bill spiked & Rude customer service

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Monthly bill spiked & Rude customer service

So I call in to see why my bill spiked 30 dollars. (My promotion ended..) So I tried to see if I could get a rate that was more in line with what new customers get. 


Currently I pay 217$ a month for 250 mbps. Up from 188 a month. (We have all the premier channels as well). 


So I call in and get a representative. Who proceeds to offer me a "Deal" where I do get "1gb" service, and keep my current channels, but my bill goes UP to 230$ a month, and I have to pay an installation fee, and a "router" fee.


I called Specifically to lower my bill...Thanks for the help "representative" The guy was rude and unhelpful. Glad this is how you guys treat current customers..New customers can get 1gb out here for 149.99 a month. With more channels.