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Monthly Data Usage

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Monthly Data Usage

Suddenly, this month Comcast informs me that I've used my full 1024GB of data for the month. This is over 30% higher than the previous month, the only other month that they show any data usage in my history. There is zero detail beyond this one number, and honestly it makes little sense that my usage increased so drastically after kids are back in school and not home using data much of the day.

I am well versed in network security and see no unauthorized use of my network, malware, or other malicious use of data, so it's not an issue of some kind of usage that I'm not aware of.

I've begun monitoring my network to track my usage volume independently, but I was wondering if anyone else had this sudden inexplicable reported increase in data usage? Also, is it possible to get detailed usage information from Comcast?

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Re: Monthly Data Usage

I have not had a similar spike in data usage unless I was the cause of it.  My first thought was a neighbor accessed your wireless network, but it sounds like you're aware of that possibility and already protect against it.

I am in the habit of once per week checking my data usage per the online "My Account - Devices - Data Usage Overview" page.

They also have an Alert system "Manage usage alerts" subpage where you can have alerts sent via email or text once your usage hits 50% of the 1024GB, 60%, 70%, 80% or 90%.  I currently have alerts set for 70% and 90% and they have helped me in the past.

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