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Long time customer, is there anything for me? part 2

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Looks like someone killed the ability to reply to the original subject without saying that it was "locked out".


So, I do have the doc available & received a call; was asked about faxing it to him & told the CS that I don't have fax.  Gave Daniel the number at the bottom of the doc just like what I had entered in the previous msg.


I'm thinking that I will be scanning the said doc (only the side with the pricing for the tripple-play) into a PDF doc file.


The CS called again just before he left for the day & left a msg at the time I went to get the mail.  Don't think he will be working tomorrow (Saturday) & will call him directly on Monday for an email addr so I can send the PDF to him.


Don't know why the regional(?) staff don't have the price listing that is sent to the consumers......another mis-management by Comcast.


This is supposed to be a "HELP" forum.  Comcast should kill the attempt to stear caller to use the Comcast "HELP" forum for answers in their auto computerized answering "machines".

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I've re-read your posts in the thread that was locked. It seems as if you have a bit of a different issue than the other posters in that thread.


If I am understanding correctly, you have had a promo rate for Triple Play for the past 12 months. That promo is set to expire. You want to get the SurePrice for the next 12 months, but so far haven't received any answers regarding SurePrice and how it applies to you.


The other posters in that thread are those who are not paying a new customer promo rate, and they want one.  Unfortunately, your issue got lost in the shuffle with the number of "me to" posts and rants.


Since that thread was locked, and you make reference to your posts there, I'm going to make it easier for everyone and move your posts from there to here. That way no one has to bounce from one thread to another in order to read your posts.  It will all be here in one place.


You do have a legitimate question regarding SurePrice.


Suggestion for you: instead of scanning and emailing your document, take it somewhere and fax it. A lot of supermarkets have fax machines for customers. I use http://fedex.com/us/office/ when I need to fax something. I've also used http://www.theupsstore.com/Pages/index.aspx. If you have one of these near you, call and find out if they offer fax service. It really is very inexpensive, plus you get a confirmation that the fax was received.


To all others reading this: Please note that that in this forum-according to the forum administrator- we do not have the capacity to support billing promotion inquiries. The retention department is available to all customers that wish to discuss promotion offers. You can reach them by contacting Comcast via phone at 1-800-266-2278.


Do not hijack this thread by citrus with "I want a promo/new customer rate" posts.

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I'm in the smae boat, & have posted a response to a subject similar in the "customer service" forum of  "customer service"???!!!  Now I find this "feedback" 'forum'(?) has a long time user thread.


I received my bill on 12-17-2010 & it had a slight increase, comcast & hidden franchise/tax fees; it was less than $3.


Accompanying the bill were package listings & price listing of services (anyone read ever read this?).  There is a listing for the various tripple-play packages & a listing for the XF "rewards" for the tripple-play packages; didn't see any double-play.


Under each tripple-play "promotion" price is a "SurePrice" which is about $15 lower for each package.  A footnote says this lower pricing for the tripple-play package is "Only available to XF Tripple Play or MultiLatino Paquete Tripple customers after 12 month promotional package for 12 months"


I do hope an admin here can verify that it means that the lower SurePrice is for another 12 months after the expiration of the promotional 12 months.  My expiration, I think is in or after January.  I definitely will call the 800 number about continuing but possibily not at the preferred plus state; this depends on whether I will be charged for "change of service" in either case.

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Wellll, I received a phone call from a David  ..... regarding my posting of the SurePrice.  HA!  Is Comcast Billing trying to rip us off??


The msg on my answering machine has "David" saying that "I was right"?  The $149.95 promo will go up the "2nd yr" to $159.95 then to $169.95 the 3rd yr & that is the regular price.  The $149.95 is for the Preferred XF while my account is for the Preferred Plus tripple play where the promo is $169.95.


Then the doc I have & will keep for a while says in black & white that the "SurePrice" for the Preferred XF tripple play promo is $134.95 for the 12 months more.  The Preferred Plus goes from $169.95 down to $154.95.  Is Billing using a different doc regarding the "SurePrice"?


My doc on hand has the id: "J275Q SABAFO4X 8155-6000 (0370,0380,0410,0420)


The caller has lots of static mumbling & may try to catch the phone number left; Too bad I cannot hit a SLOW button to slow down when the phone number is rattled off.  Definitely will be pis***d  off if I will have to listen to mis-info several times prior to getting the full phone number.


Now can the Admin get someone with REAL info regarding the SurePrice & how it works.


I've been with Comcast for over 10 yrs & this is encouraging me to go to SureWest for DSL & phone while just using Comcast for basic TV  only.

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Still no reasonable answere/replies from Comcast.  Guess all that admin & customer service people are still on holidays.


Reason why I've read that the cable companies lost over 500,000 subscribers & counting UPwards.


Considering that the local colleges are doing fewer distance/distributed/interactive college courses, the reason(s) for staying with Comcast is being evaporated.

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I noticed a "get satisfaction" on the Comcast menu bar & clicked it today.  Looks like a dialogue box for questions.  think I'll try it & see what happens.