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How to dispute runaway overage charges

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How to dispute runaway overage charges

Hello,  I have a situation where xfinity has reported to me (in my June bill, which arrived in July) that in April, my modem had consumed 550 gigabytes of data over my limit, and this resulted in a $110 surcharge.


I did not consume this data myself, neither did my housemate.  It is most likely that someone hacked our xfinity modem or router.  For comparison, our usage in June was 54 gigabytes.  Our usage in April was 1567 gigabytes.  Completely different level of consumption.


I chose to have the lowest possible data plan to control costs as much as possible.  And I would not have opted in to any overage package.  So I don't understand why I was allowed to go over, and I also don't feel I should be responsible for this bill if it was not me (or housemate) that consumed the data.


I have had difficulty getting any reasonable discussion by talking to xfinity customer service by phone.


I'd like: 1) to be refunded for overages and 2) to disallow future overages (I didn't ask for this service in the first place).


Can someone please correct this situation?

Xfinity's handling of this situation seems to be a total fumble given that hackers can use automated tools to break into hardware these days.

For the record, I did have a relatively strong password.


help please