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I've been a satisfied customer for over 5 years, and my father's house hold  for over 10 years.  Service has been excellent and I have paid my approximately $1800/year in bliing on time. Today I just noticed my bill went up 33% to $200..from previous to August July when it was about $150 for a long time..  I called a few times over past few days several departments to ask if there is a promotion for existing customers available to get me back to the rate I am used to paying of about $150--which is the max I can afford.   Agents all tried to see what features I could drop to bring down bill--but the reason I like Comcast is because it has given me the features I want at the price I can afford.   If I have to down grade to get my bill down 33% I think I would do so with another provider. 


Recently other providers are available to me--I hate to go through the hassle of switching and it is hard to compare oranges with apples--but I think if I cannot get my gill back down off of such an extreme jump-- in the next few weeks, I will have to try another provider.  Also, Comcast and Summit just made a presentation to our HOA to prvide our contract--which I will help decide within the next few weeks.  I wonder if this has led to inflexibility with my rate for the first time ever after so long as part of the discussion has revolved around providing a fixed long term rate which does not have to be frequently renegoatiated.  The Summit offer is tempting to me personally because broadband speed is important to me, and they offer a one GB speed.  I think I will wait to see where I come down on this issue when I see what you decide to do with me personally.


I would like to stay with Comcast as service has been fine and switching is a real hassle, but only at close to the long time rate of $150 for what I have had for a long time--which includes triple play a few DVRs--only 150 MBPS internet but with unlimited download, as well as an international phone plan for the UK. Such a huge increase is a just a real turn off for me--in principle..  If you can do something to assit getting us to a mutually benefcial deal within the next few weeks, I would appreciate the effort.


My account number ends 9458 and I prefer you to contact me not at my Comcast email, but the gmail address one you have on file--or at the phone you have on file.  I screen my calls so please leave a message and I will call back..best time to call is in the mid afternoon but I prefer email to phone contact.  My address has the word "Aviano" in it and my gmail address has the number 23 in it.  I am revealing this to help you identify me because I cannot seem to find a way to contact someone in a private PM.



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