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Comcast will not refund all the money they charged me for a modem I wasn't renting

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Comcast will not refund all the money they charged me for a modem I wasn't renting

This story begins 2 years ago when I purchased my own telephony cablemodem and returned my leased one. Last December, I was looking at my bill to see when my contract was up and discovered that the whole time they have been charging me $11/month for a leased modem. I called Comcast and I gave the support agent my serial #, etc. and verified that it was my own modem. He explained that the computer will automatically add a lease charge if it thinks that I don't have a telephony modem, and it didn't think I had one. So he had to speak to someone to get this squared away, make sure the charge would not re-occur, and authorize a refund for the 18+ months they had been charging me. He was going to call me back, and I believed him. Unfortunately I never heard back.


So I finally called back today since my contract is now over and I no longer "need" telephone or cable TV services. The rep, who was very nice, made the change to Internet only, and told me that I could only get a refund for 4 months of the lease charge. I said that I called back in December, which she verified, and was told it would be taken care of. She spoke with someone and they agreed to give me an extra $40 on top of the 4 months. So I am getting an $83 credit on my next bill for $264 that I paid them over 2 years!! This is not fair! If I owed Comcast money from 1 year or 2 years ago, would they say "oh, don't worry, you don't have to pay us back since it was over 4 months ago"?? NEVER! So why don't they have to pay me back? I understand that the bill states that one has to dispute charges within 120 days, but they also know that people are generally only checking their cable bill when they notice a difference or need to check something. I bet they make a lot of money off of people who don't notice unwarranted charges until after the 4 month period, and then they just don't need to refund it. This seems a bit unethical to me. And even if this is legal, I should minimally be getting a refund for the 4 months prior to December + all the months since then, don't you think?


Has anyone else run into this, and if so, how did you handle it?



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Re: Comcast will not refund all the money they charged me for a modem I wasn't renting

 Anon337957 I understand your dilemma. In May I was promised a one-time installation fee credit. Unfortunately, the fee was added to my June bill. I guess my new hobby will be to check to every month for the adding of this installation fee. As of today my motto is: “In God I trust everybody else I check.” I hope that your issue is resolved soon.  

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