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Comcast charging $200 deposit to existing customer - NOT DISCLOSED UP FRONT

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After being a customer for internet for several years I decided to go with the triple play to save money.  I was not told when I placed my order that I would have to pay a deposit.  I was already a customer so it didn't even occur to me that I would have to pay one.  I upgraded to the triple play and added 2 DVRs.  I called customer service and spent 45 minutes on the phone (first with customer service - then billing)  I was told the deposit was placed on my bill in error and would be taken off.  Two weeks later I looked online at my account - still there.  I called customer service again - after another 45 to 50 minutes with CS and Billing I was told a second time the deposit would be removed.  Well guess what... I received my October bill and it is still there.  The bill I received after upgrading to Triple Play was $469.  I called CS yet again.  This time I was told the deposit was valid because I had over 2 pieces of equipment at my home.  A deposit is now required for anything over 2.  NOT one time did anyone say anything about that.  So not being told when I placed my order and then being told TWICE that it would be removed... I am not told I will have to pay the deposit!  I am so disappointed in the service at Comcast.  Now all I want to do is cancel.   I am really frustrated and let down.  Worst customer service EVER!!!!