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Comcast Scam

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Comcast Scam

So, like many people on here my promotional offer expired after 6 months. I've been a customer for some time before this, but I moved to a new location 6 months ago and created a new account. I've played with the numbers on Comcast's website and new customers are being offered the same promotion for 12 months and getting HBO for 6 months and getting a $100 gift card, who's paying for these offers? HMM, I wonder. Where was this deal when I signed up? My bill changed from 74.64 to 90.62. That's a difference of 15.98 for one month, not a huge difference compared to some other customers bills, but still a difference.


I called 1-800-Comcast and spoke with a customer service representative. She said that I must wait at least 3 months before I can be enrolled into another promotional offer. I asked a hypothetical question about cancelling service and then subscribing again shortly after. She informed me that I would still be treated as an existing customer until after that 3 month window. Why three months?


The problem I have is this, Comcast isn't losing any money by giving out the promotional discount, they're making it, and lots of it for services that aren't even that spectacular. I believe they purposely make it difficult for existing customers to earn discounts so that the customer eventually calls out "mercy" and just pays the bill for whatever amount it is.


I'm enrolled in an online college. I depend on my internet connection and Comcast is the only provider in my area. I feel that I'm being held prisoner because I have no choice but to pay my bill regardless of the amount. Even if I were to cancel service, wait the three months until I'm no longer an "existing customer" and then subscribe again, my savings will be offset by the fact that I have to pay a technician to reconnect me!


I have no choice but to remain a paying subscriber because I do not have any other options. I also intend on calling Comcast when my 3 month wait is up and attempting to "haggle" for a new "promotional" offer. I just don't understand why a company would treat its customers like this? I have more important things to do than to bargain with a cable company. It is not a good way to generate brand loyalty or to retain customers. If I had options, I would cancel today.


My main reason for posting this is that maybe Comcast will read enough of these billing complaints located in their customer forums and decide to do something about it.

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Re: Comcast Scam

We do not have the capacity to support billing promotion inquiries. The retention department is available to all customers that wish to discuss promotion offers. You can reach them by contacting us via phone at 1-800-266-2278. For the reasons stated above, I am locking this thread to further posts.



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