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Comcast Next Tier Internet 30 dollars

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Comcast Next Tier Internet 30 dollars

I have a special for 12 months internet 49.99 @150 mbps speeds,plus I have a 50 dollars Unlimited charge ,that I hesitantly added to my package,as I was tired of being the Internet Police and watching everyones usage in my 5 person household.I wanted to go up 1 more tier to the 250 mbps speed as with all of us on the Net, are speeds slow down at times.I inquired about going up to Blast pro and was told it would be 18 more a month,then the next day they emailed me back and said they were mistaken and its a 30 dollar additional cost,first of all why so much for a slight speed increase.Can anyone look into this for me and see if there are better deals.I have internet proformance pro,plus unlimited,plus I have Xfinity Mobile.Seems like their could be a bundle deal...I always pay on time and even looking at my bill today with all the changes I made last month(dropping tv package)my account balace owed is 0.Matter of fact Comcast most likely will owe me a credit next month.That being said how about a better deal for a speed increase.

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