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Charged to rent my own modem

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Charged to rent my own modem

I have owned my own modem for 5+ years, across 3 different addresses all serviced by Comcast. I recently had to disconnect service because I moved to Austin. After reviewing my last few statements I noticed I began getting charged a rental fee for my own modem starting in January. I called to explain the mistake to customer support and after arguing with them for half an hour yesterday, they refuse to refund me the rental fee for my own modem. They insist I purchased some stolen modem that used to be owned by Comcast or something. It's crazy. I haven't been charged for like 4 years, then all of a sudden I start getting charged, and they refuse to refund me. I don't know what to do.
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Re: Charged to rent my own modem

Unfortunately, this happens a lot.  It's happened to me, as well, and as it was explained to me, the modem ownership status "switch" needs to be flipped in two places by two different departments, which often doesn't happen.  Then, when an automated audit happens, the AI thinks the modem belongs to Comcast and generates the letter.  A Comcast employee will need to address this;  they answer problems in the order they are posted, so it may take a while.