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Charged for the ability to remotely schedule a recording to dvr but not having that ability?

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Charged for the ability to remotely schedule a recording to dvr but not having that ability?

Hi there!

I love comcast/xfinity. Don't get me wrong. I pay over 200 a month, so that I can enjoy every aspect of it. This includes (or did!) the ability to use your ap to record, when I'm out of town, at my other home.

In the last months, this ability has been removed. I can't get xfinity at my other home. It isn't offered in that area of the State. Otherwise, I would gladly add it there.

I also chose xfinity as I am visually disabled, and need to have my shows on a big screen. I used to be able to hook my ipad to my big screen tv. This ability is no longer available, either.
You asked me to buy an ipad, so that I could do that. I bought a used ipad, and it worked at first, but now it says I cannot do this. So, then, you apologized, and asked me to buy a ROKU, so that I could watch xfinity that way. This didn't work, even after I called to have you help me configure it. Pheh! That was 300 bucks, to no avail.

Now, the ability to remotely add a recording is gone, also.

I thoroughly read my contract, and these features that you have taken away, were listed as part of that contract.

I am expected to follow through on my side of the contract, but it seems that you can change your promised services.

I'm a little upset. I was given a 35.00 ONE TIME credit for the loss of these features.

However, my vision is still bad, and the 200 plus I spend each month are less valuable to me. 

I was wondering when, or even if you are going to add these services back.

I realize that there is a TEVO court ruling that you are fighting.

Thank you for any help you can offer me. Just like having your cake and eating it, too, I want to be able to have my xfinity service, and SEE it, too. Smiley Happy 
I know that threatening to leave xfinity is something people do, but I'd rather stay with you, and be a happy xfinity customer like I used to be!


Oh! I also was posting on a long thread regarding this issue, but it has now been posted as "answered". I tried to reply, but does "answered" mean that it is now closed?



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