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Bill went up.

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Bill went up.

I received my bill in the mail and It went up 35 dollars. I was not on any special offer. My special offer expired years ago. I called Comcast and was told they would give me a special for a year. After their offer I still pay more than I used to. I'm going to take my stuff back to the local office right after the holidays.

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Re: Bill went up.

Compare your previous bill with your current one. What changed? If you had any special promo's, they are typically listed.

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Re: Bill went up.

They have also been adding channels to the lineups. That could account for the increase.

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Re: Bill went up.

They probably raised your rates starting 1/1/11, they did where I live. If they did, you should have gotten a new rate sheet in the mail.


Take a look at the top left corner of your bill, my bill says,


News from Comcast


New rates effective with this bill for Comcast services.


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Re: Bill went up.

The look of the bill itself does differ too, in different areas of the country.  You could also look for

Important Account Information on previous bills.


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