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Account reported to collections and went to credit bureaus wrongly

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I took comcast service in Feb 2012 and cancelled the same in 10 days. Even though I have cancelled there service in 30 month waranty period I got a bill for $ 63.72 from comcast . When I call customer service they told they will waive off this amount since I have cancelled this service with in there warantty period and they did. 


But at the same time comcast has sent this information to collections stating that I owe 63.72 to them.


Collection agecy called ( Credit Protection Assoication) is keep on sending me notice stating that I owe $63.72 to comcast and they have reported this issue to all credit bureas. This Collection agency called ( Credit Protection Association ) they are not listening my words and I have also sent the final bill showing no due which has given by comcast but still they are not stricking out from my credit creport.


They are telling that comcast is not providing clearence on my account so they cannot strike this from credit report.


Because of this my credit score went down and facing problems of new loan approvals.


I am seeking to get Comcast to issue me and the Credit agencies a letter of fulfillment that states that the issue has been resolved, that they reported it in error, and that the issue needs to be stricken from my credit report.


So I request comcast to contact ( Credit Protection Assoication ) there contact number is 1-800-418-8144 and please provide them necessary information on my account to strick this from my credit report.



I am follwing up with comcast and credit agen ( Credit Protection Assoication ) for last few months but I did not get valid response.






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Re: Account reported to collections and went to credit bureaus wrongly

I had the EXACT same thing happen to me.  This is how you fix it.  File a complaint with the better buisness bureau online.  It is very easy.  Comcast does NOT care about you or your credit.  They DO care about a complaint with the federal government.  After MONTHS of nothing, within a week of filing the complaint it was fixed.

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Re: Account reported to collections and went to credit bureaus wrongly


The forums are public, mainly customer to customer, and Comcast employees don't read every thread in here. Even though you canceled it might be a good idea to edit your post and remove all the account information and ticket number.

People that don't have morals could still use that informaion.

Go to the Options pull down menu and select edit post.