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xfinity gateway router/modem WIFI light not on

Is the individual WiFi light supposed to be on at all times?  Mine will not come on.  It blinks 4 times quickly then goes out.  I cannot connect my device wirelessly.  Anyone have an answer or has this happened to you and how did you resolve?  Is it a bad router/modem?


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Re: xfinity gateway router/modem WIFI light not on


See if this link can help you out.


My opinion and from what I see on this forum is that these gateways are having lots of problems. Your best bet is to put the gateway in bridge mode and get yourself a wireless router and hook it up.

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Re: xfinity gateway router/modem WIFI light not on

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It could be defective. Try resetting it back to factory defaults. This can sometimes clear up some weird problems. If still no joy, call in and have Comcast place it in to "bridge" mode so that it acts as any other plain vanilla cable modem and then you use your own high quality wireless capable router with it.

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