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Parental Monitoring of Wireless Internet Activity

Does anyone know of a way to use your online Comcast account to monitor the internet activity that is going on in your account?

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Re: Parental Monitoring of Wireless Internet Activity

I moved this thread from the mobile apps forum. I'm not sure where it really belongs, but the folks who answer questions here in connectivity may have some ideas for you.


As a parent of teenagers, I strongly suggest having the computers in a shared open area where you can see the screen. That doesn't help when you aren't around. Until my daughter became an adult, we had a policy of no computers in bedrooms.


We didn't use any special software. I occasionally look at their browser history. I have the passwords for their accounts. Yes, I trust my kids and realize that not everyone can do that. As President Reagan said, "Trust, but verify."

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Re: Parental Monitoring of Wireless Internet Activity

No, there isn't any way to do this through Comcast. You may want to check out OpenDNS though. It's free.