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Issues with connection at night.

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Issues with connection at night.

I'm having an issue with my Comcast internet. For a week there has been lag spikes that occur every minute or so that happens only after 5pm or so all the way til midnight and sometimes later. For some odd reason the day the technician comes, there was no lag that day. It has come back today and after calling Comcast they are telling me that if they find no problems, I am getting charged and so I'm kinda stuck and frustrated. I have tried to reset my modem and used multiple computers. The weird thing is it only happens after 5 or 6pm. Also when I called in and talked to the technician, he send I was missing packets sent out. I also notice that when I Skype, my video being sent would lag but the incoming video would be fine. I have a Motorola surfboard sbg 901 and have checked the downloading and uploading signals and they seem to be fine. 


If anyone has a clue about and could help me in anyway I would greatly appreciate it! I guess I assume it could be my modem but I do not have any other one to test out nor know anyone that does. I am also worried that when the cable technician comes that day it will not lag since it starts lagging around after 5 and their last appointment timeslot is 5-7. Once again, any help at all would be greatly appreciated!! 

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Re: Issues with connection at night.

Please give us more information:

1) Please connect your computer directly to the modem via Ethernet ( no router, no wireless, no USB )
2) Run ShaperProbe and post your results. (It works with Win 7)
3) Post your upstream and downstream signal levels (click the link.) We are interested in your power levels (dBmV) and your Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR).
4) Let us know to what speed tier you subscribe.
5) -
6) Post your modem's error logs.


You'll probably want to post two sets of data - one when everything is working fine and one in the evening when you are having problems.

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Re: Issues with connection at night.

I have been expiencing this problem too for the past few months. Everyother day after 5pm like colck work my internet sucks with slow upload and download speeds. It works fine through out the day but when 5pm comes bang its out. I use to own my own modem which worked for serveral months until this problem started happening. A tech said it was my router so I bought a new one, did not fix the problem. went out and bought an new modem which did not fix the problem either. Finally went back to comcast equipment becasue I was tired of hearing "its your eqiuipment". But the problem is still there and like clock work internet does not work after 5pm.