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Activity light on the modem is orange and blinking...?

I had problems with my computer while my cable was being installed, so my modem was registered on a neighbor's laptop and the contractor told me that I would have a connection after I got rid of the spyware and viruses and stuff that was holding me up.
I ended up deleting and reinstalling my Windows and the crap is gone for the most part, but still no go. I don't know if there's a problem with my modem or what....Aren't all the lights except for the standby supposed to be green? Is my computer still messed up?
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Re: Activity light on the modem is orange and blinking...?

U should have the TOP four(4) lights steady green.
Your activity light should be blinking.
If you get some mix of steady and blinking green lights-but never a steady green ONLINE-,as I did not, check for a filter inside of your external cable box(the hook up from comcast) and take that sucker OUT. This fixed my problem, course I had to "get into their equipment", but I am up and running .......... Hope this helps someone.