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iPad app -DVR recordings not completly downloading

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iPad app -DVR recordings not completly downloading

I have the X1 DVR. I have the X1 app on my iPad. ( not referring to TV go) 

attempting to download shows to watch offline.

the recording I choose gets to about 98% and  then starts all over again from zero. When I look at my recordings on the TV it shows is on mobile device, and when I look at it on the iPad, it shows is downloaded but it is not downloaded. it just keeps reverting back to start all over again.

i have rebooted my iPad, I have signed in and out. I am hesitant to delete the app because I WAS able to download a show to watch while traveling, and I don't want to lose that if I uninstall the app.

help! So frustrating. Comcast customer service no help at all!