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TV remote app

I have called about this issue and it seems that no one in technical support can help.  I use the remote app to see what shows are on the channels each night so I can decide what programs to watch.  My subscription has184 SD channel and 74HD channels.  My guide on my TV remote starts at Channel 1.  However, when I use the remote app, whether on my iphone or my ipad, the remote app starts at channel 11.  Channels 1 through 10 don't show up even though I watch them on a regular basis.  Many of the channel in my subscription don't show on the app.  Tonight I wanted to see what time Shark Tank was on channel ABC.  Can't see it because it is not on the app, nor is the HD channel for ABC.  When I spoke with a Tech he said that channels 1 through 10 don't show on the app because the app only shows channels that stream!!  


Would someone please explain to me how you can create an app and not sync the app with the channels that are available on the TV.  The app is useless if you can't use it to change channel that you can watch on the TV.


It is interesting because I have optimum in New Jersey and their app shows all the channels in my subscription regardless of whether they stream or not.