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Streaming Astros Baseball

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Streaming Astros Baseball

When will Comcast permit streaming of Astros baseball games?


Comcast only permits streaming to other devices on the home wifi and will not permit authentication using the MLB at Bat app. 


The following email is from AT&T Sportsnet: 


Thank you for your email.  The below information is from our website regarding streaming.  You will need to call Comcast, as they did not allow MLB to authenticate the viewer as a subscriber.



How can I stream MLB games?
AT&T SportsNet is offering video providers the ability to deliver live MLB games on a streaming basis. The games will be available to those viewers who are a subscriber to a cable or satellite company which carries AT&T SportsNet. The games can be made available to stream from those providers’ platforms (web and app) who make available the games for streaming. For now, games are only available on and the MLB At Bat app to customers whose provider agrees to allow MLB to authenticate the viewer as a subscriber of AT&T SportsNet.