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ISSUES Viewing a DVR show on Stream TV App - No answers

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ISSUES Viewing a DVR show on Stream TV App - No answers

OK I have spent lots of time on this already and no answers.   


I have had this issue with Comcast/Xfinity Stream TV App since 2016 but only decided to call in September 2017.


I record football games on regular channels such as 113 (Q13) or local 107 (Kiro 7), not using ESPN or NFL ticket, just standard TV.   For whatever reason when I DVR the game it will come up on the DVR fine but when traveling for work two weeks in a row I have experienced the app only showing me it downloaded 11 mins of the entire 160 minute recording and then only allows you to view 3:42 before just shutting off.   NO one cane give me a reason for this or when it will be resolved.






I called on 9/10/2017 to start a ticket with Comcast/Xfinity.  They wanted me to go home (since I was traveling for work) and try the app from home on 9/13.  Since my husband was home I had him check the app on our ipad and sure enough same thing. He could view on normal DVR / TV but once he was in the Stream TV app he could only view 3:42 of the 11 minute recording.   





I called back on 9/10/2017 and the comcast technician told me to then record next sundays 9/17/2017 game and only the game, meaning to not record anything prior, during or after the game.  We did that.  I was traveling again for work 9/17/2017 and got back to my room late on Sunday to find the exact same issue.  







I then waited to get home and watched the entire game on my DVR tuesday 9/19 and then proceed to delete the recording.  I was never informed to keep up on DVR.  SO I called on Wednesday 9/20/17 to discuss the open ticket and the testing Comcast should have completed on 9/17/2017.  This technician now tells me since I deleted recording they can't test?  You should have tested 3 days prior?!  Now getting a new story to record only the game again this Sunday 9/24/17.  The tech also mentioned if I could recover the recording from DVR deleted file they could test it.  I did that and still no answers back on testing when I called today just say to record again Sunday, and "See what happens".  New rep today tells me to just try again this Sunday and they will escalate my ticket?


I am paying for a service I cant use, Comcast/Xfinity has no answers!  What is wrong with this one program when trying to view on the Stream TV App?  Why can't I get anywhere with anyone at the company?