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Camera Unavailable

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Camera Unavailable

Hi -


I got Xfinity home installed last week with 2 cameras.  Things have been working great on all platforms.  I purchased an additional 2 cameras and installed them last night.


I can see all 4 cameras on the touch screen, in the portal, and on my X1 box.  Video looks great.


About 10% of the time I can see the cameras on my Samsung Galaxy 5 in the app. 5% of the time 1 or 2 of the cameras will work.  The rest of the time they will all just come back as unavailable.  It worked intially as I used the video on the phone to help alighn the cameras.


I've tried:

  Clearing cache on the phone for the app

  Clearing the data for the app on the phone

  Reinstalling the app

  Rebooting the security wireless hub

  Unplugging 2 of the cameras to test if I am trying to watch to many cameras

  Installing the app on my work iPhone- same results


None of those proved useful.


I'm willing to try anything.   Being able to remotely see into my house is one of the primary reasons I got the system.





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Re: Camera Unavailable

Perhaps I should also add that everything else in the app works just fine.  I can arm/disarm, turn a light on/off, view the history just fine.   It shows 4 cameras are available, just won't connect.

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Re: Camera Unavailable

I just starting having this same problem today.  It sometimes connects using my WiFi connection at home, but otherwise it does not.  I am also unable to access the cameras via the Web Portal over the internet.  Everything was working fine yesterday.  



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Re: Camera Unavailable

I have had Xfinity home for 2 years and this is a constant problem. Sometimes the videos load and somethimes they just process for 5 minutes and then say unavailable. 


It is very frustrating. 


If anyone knows how to fix it that would be amazing.


Re: Camera Unavailable

Same thing is happening when I try to view the camera from my iPhone app or the online portal. Normally it works fine, but these past few days it has just been spinning and saying "camera not available". Also I noticed that it logs me out of my app every once in a while even though I have it saved under "remember me".

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Re: Camera Unavailable

Our engineers are actively working to resolve the problem now.




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Re: Camera Unavailable

Thanks for the update Shannon.   I'm a Comcast employee as well.  I work in the engineering dept of the Northeast Division. If the engineers working on the problem need someone in the field to help test anything, please look me up.  I'd be happy to help.

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Re: Camera Unavailable

Ok, So I think I've fixed my own problem.  Here's a recap - read my original post to understand how I got to this point.


When my service was installed the wireless security router wouldn't work in the basement, so the tech installed it in a different location in the house and utlitized the Netgear Powerline product.


Last night I noticed that the "Pick-a-Plug" LED was red on the Powerline.   After researching that I found it to mean that network connectivity was 'low'.  I had a number of rooms in my house wired with ethernet when I bought the house.  I moved the security router to a wired connection.   Everything within the house is working and I've check the app many times over the past 4 hours and it is showing video from all 4 cameras every single time.


My guess is that the inability to watch vid on the phone app was caused by this low network connectivity which either caused dropped packets or delays in response to video session setup.   Perhaps the app timeout is faster or is somehow different than the touchscreen and webpage.   It's the only thing I can think of as the difference between them as to why the app didn't work but everything else did.


So, if you are having a similar problem as I was, I would verify network availabilty and bandwidth within your house.  If you have a Netgear Powerline like I did, try to see if you can workaround not using it or make sure all 3 lights are green.   Reading their page it says 



Can I plug my Powerline adapter into a power strip, surge protector, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) or extension cord?

No. NETGEAR does not recommend using power strips, surge protectors, UPS and extension cords with Powerline products.  These devices filter out some or all of the high frequency signals used in Powerline communications. Connecting a Powerline to one of these devices can greatly reduce the data rate of transfers, or block communications entire"


My install tech plugged BOTH powerline adapter's into power strips.   I didn't take the time to prove it, but I'm thinking this may have also played into my problems.   If you have yours plugged into a power strip try removing it.


Hope this helps someone else.




Re: Camera Unavailable

jerryk1199 wrote:

Thanks for the update Shannon.   I'm a Comcast employee as well.  I work in the engineering dept of the Northeast Division. If the engineers working on the problem need someone in the field to help test anything, please look me up.  I'd be happy to help.



If you are Comcast employee you may not be aware of this fact: Comcast employees must be authorized by the forum administrator in order to post in an official capacity. Employees have their names in RED and are designated as such.

If not authorized they can post here but cannot state they are employees. Nor can they allude to being employees.

You can contact the community manager here (Comcast Larry) about it;