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McAfee won't load

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First, I'm sorry about the blank message.  Perhaps someone could remove it for me?


I reinstalled McAfee today, and have several problems.   I installed last year, but had problems then also, so removed it and used Kaspersky.  My year is up and I'm trying McAfee again.


I'm running Vista Home Premium, I.E. 7, 32 bit, Gateway w 2Gb, 2.2Gb processor, 50Gb available on my primary drive, and another 200Gb on my backup drive.


After I boot, there is no McAfee icon in the tray.  When I try to start it manually, it says that mcshell.exe has been changed or moved.  If I right click, I have the option to start it as Administrator; that gets it started, but there is still no icon in the tray.


At startup, Desktop Weather won't start, and I can't get it to run.  The message says unable to initialize 'Page'


I cannot get to this page and some others. (currently using my husband's computer).   I end up with Done in the lower right hand corner and a blank screen.


I hope someone can help.




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Hello -


I'm still having the same problems.  I've uninstalled and reinstalled several times, I've used the removal tool I've seen referenced here and on the McAfee board, I've run PreInstall which I've seen referenced, I've searched this board and the McAfee board and read everything that seems to relate till I noticed I was reading messages from over a year ago.


In addition to the other things I mentioned in my original message, I'm unable to click on many links:  anything that starts with 'javascript' doesn't work (nothing happens), clicking on some of the links on my desktop doesn't work (message 'this shortcut has been changed or moved' in the case of mcshell.exe) ( or it may act as if it's taking me to a site, but when it gets there the page is blank) and as I mentioned before I can't get to this board and many other sites -- I can sign on to comcast.net and get the instructions to download McAfee, or click on security and get somewhere, but when I click on the link for this board, I again get a blank page.


As for McAfee itself, the first thing I notice after I install is that there is no McAfee icon in the system tray.  If I clink on the link on the desktop (the link to mcshell), nothing happens.  If I use the start menu and go to McAfee in the All Programs list and click on McAfee Security Center there, nothing happens.


Vista Security Center shows that I am not protected.The only way I can get McAfee to start is to right click on a shortcut for mcshell then choose 'open as administrator'.  But then I have all these problems.


Please help.  I've spent many hours on this over the weekend, reading, and un- and re-installing and trying different things I've seen suggested.  I'm not getting anywhere and am losing heart.





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I probably wont be much help. As I dont use Mcafee anymore, and hopefully someone more knowledgeable will chime in, 


Don't take this wrong but did you uninstall Kaspersky?


It sounds like a registry key is missing or corrupted. but I could be way off. Dont take my advice as gold

Check your windows System and application event log It might provide you with more information on what is happening. (Start->Search.. Type in the command Eventvwr.exe and hit enter)..

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Thank you so much for answering. 


Luckily, I just got it working.  I did everything that I did before, but probably in a different order.  It's

scanning right now.


I appreciate your answering so much.