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Has Norton improved any in the past year?

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I have been with Comcast for some time. My Norton experience has been bad, 2 to 3 reinstalls per year, with different computers. I have used other antivirus and firewalls with no reinstalls of OS. My year with Comodo is about up. I am a retired person not some kid trying to download everything. Changed OS. From Win 7x64 to Win 7x86 because Comcast Norton would not work correct with Win 7 x64 per Norton phone people. Still had problems, other antivirus works very well for me, no reinstall. That only happens with Norton. HP people say it not there product. Is Comcast/Norton versions better now than in the past. Three computers in my home 2 desktops and grands laptop. All have the same problems with Comcast/Norton. The laptop uses Comodo the other desktop uses AVG ,and  mine uses Comodo. All are Win 7. Two are Win 7 64 bit.

If we go back to Comcast/Norton has it improved,that would save a dollar or two.


Our wifi router is password on login,and on wifi is 14 mix of caps,lowercase and numbers. I am not saying Norton is a bad product. What I would like to know if it has improved in the past year

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I also have been having nothing but problems with Norton 2012, and 2013. (Error codes 3048,3 and recently 8504,104) After numerous installs and reinstalls and downloading power eraser I have about had it and will be uninstalling permanently . Hopefully Comcast is aware of the plethora of problems clients have been having.

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Everyones needs and tastes vary.  (btw I run win 7 64 with norton, maybe it runs actually 32 I dont know but my machine is a 64 both are.)


If it were me Id run removal tools IE: norton removal tool after removing it and any others for prev security you ran and then install something freeware.  I ran Microsoft sec essentials and comodo firwall free versions with no problems whatsoever on my new laptop.


I do understand what youre saying about troublshooting norton, if you dont like tweeking and geeking with a computer it can be tedious at times.


Unfortunately the key to running something else will take tweeking by using thorough removal tools after uninstalling them for any security you prev tried. I suppose the nature and need of pc's is tweeking.


I do get what youre saying tho'.  I have family and friends who hate farting about with the pc and I do it for them because I can and have the time,


If norton is on a system thats clean and never had any other security whatsoever and was installed fresh and clean it usually runs well until they have a short term hiccup of course. 


Also only ever run one security (firewall and antivirus at a time auto updates they will fight).


good luck to ya. 

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Maybe I did not say it correct. The reinstalls were not from tweeks. It was from viruses and malware Norton did not stop. The first time this happened I called Norton the phone person said My 64 bit win 7 would not work correct with Comcast/Norton it only worked on 32 bit. Called HP and got a 32 bit disk for my machine. Installed the 32 bit still happened again. Changed antivirus and did not happen again.

Just trying to see if Norton had got better. Just trying to save a few dollars.


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Oh okay.  Im shocked you actually reinstalled 32 bit! Wow! Ive never done that would be affraid too.

That sounds like bad info to me, Im sorry.


I have to say that it may still be problematic.

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hi,I usually just read but I felt like replying to this I have to say I have tried all security suites from bitdefender,to bullguard mcafee,and mse/defender,and webroot and i must say norton is the best along with webroot but they have a high price tag.but I must say the norton on windows 8  is the best of them all only gripe is that thier toolbar for safe search is not compatible with 64 version of ie10.and the best thing now comcast customers get the updates as quick as the rest of the world.and with thier pulse update every 5 minutes the hard drive is not being hammered from large virus/malware  definition updates anymore..works alot better then the rest.of programs. out thier today.