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Constant Guard won't open or activate

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Constant Guard no longer activates for associated sites. I have tried unistalling and re-installing the program twice now, with no success. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Constant guard has lots of problems. Just delete the program and run Norton separately.

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I second that; uninstall it and never try to put it on your machine again. People are losing their computers from the damage this piece of junk is causing. My laptop won't even start in safe mode now, and that's after I uninstalled it! If you are able to uninstall it leaving your computer unscathed, consider yourself extremely lucky and run away as fast as your legs can carry you.
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There isn't enough information here to respond to the original issue of installing and/or activating the application, but it is a secure, web application which uses a MIcrosoft Security Certificate. If the computer clock is not set correctly for the computer's current location, then the Microsoft server time will not be in synch, and the software will not activate - this causes an initialization error. If the software PIN cannot be created, it means that we cannot communicate with the computer to validate the PIN - the cause will be either a firewall or third party security software blocking the activation, OR the system clock is out of synch, and again, the Microsoft security certificate cannot be created, and the validation cannot take place. The solution is to check the computer clock date, time, timezone, and to then synchronize the clock with a standard internet server clock. These instructions can be found in the Microsoft files or through Microsoft Fix It, and Microsoft Updates. You can find addtional information at http://cgps.idvault.com/support in the FAQs.

Constant Guard Security Suite installs 2 web applications, neither of which have the capability of destroying anything - certainly not a hard drive. If a customer experiences a blue screen after installing our software, or anyone else's software, the chances are good they have a drive failure or the drive is full/nearly full, or has a lot of errors accumulated, i.e. fragmentation. In this case, it is easily possible to write over the boot location for the operating system. The customer would need to boot from a start up disc and then use a disc utility to repair the boot partition. We have also seen this with customers who try to do a system restore - certainly on older computers using XP with full/nearly full drives, or corruption. The system restore will write over the boot partition resulting in a blue screen. Again, nothing to do with the web application.