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Constant Guard prevents use of Paypal when login saved

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I tried over and over to pay for an item with paypal.  Each time i logged into paypal through the shopping cart, the contents of the shopping cart were lost.  When I removed the PP login from CG  I was able to pay as usual.  Is this a glitch in CG? 

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Hello - I'm not sure if you're looking at a "glitch," or the fact that the auto-fill for online purchases is linked to the stored credit cards, and NOT to the credentials list. If you are using a Paypal credit card, stored in the credit cards, and go through the shopping cart log-out, you should not see an issue. However, if you have your Paypal general account stored as an account in the secure account list - the auto-fill is not going to work. Those accounts are secured, but for billing/payment only - not for purchases. If that is the issue you are seeing then it is not a glitch so much as a need for the product to be enhanced to allow customers to use theri Paypal purchase account (not card) as a stored item associated with the credit cards. Unfortunately this change has not yet been implemented.


I believe what you are seeing is the fact that, when you pay, and are given the option of Paypal - we scan your accounts list, and if we see a Paypal card - will ask if you want to use that. However, we also give the option to "add" or "choose" other - meaning another credit card. However, at that point, you can go to your accounts list and select your Paypal account. If you do, even if you have a card connected to the Paypal account - it will not work.


If this is the case, you can simply select the card you wish to use, and not use Paypal. However, if you have *charged* your Paypal account by putting money into it, and wish to use that, then there isn't a current option for you at this time, using CGPS, and you would need to purchase the item outside of the Constant Guard Protection Suite.