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Getting numerous "Notification of Claimed Copyright Infringement" emails listing wrong IP address

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Getting numerous "Notification of Claimed Copyright Infringement" emails listing wrong IP address

I've gotten ~5 of these notices recently (got the first one sometime last year, and then four more in the last week).  They are all identical except for the "Infringement Date".  All mention the same infringing filename and IP address.  I have seen these notices before - when I lived with my parents they got a similar notice and my brother had to delete some files he downloaded.  So I understand how it is supposed to work.  The problem is, the IP address they list is not my IP address.  Now, I am quite tech savvy and have a fairly solid understanding of networking.  I wouldn't say I'm an expert, but I'm well above a beginner.  My external IP address, reported by Google and "whatsmyip.com", is 24.xxx.xxx.xxx.  The IP listed in the report is  If I use a geolocation service, I can see that is also a Comcast IP address and is assigned to someone in Olive Branch, Mississippi.  I do not live anywhere near Mississippi.  If I put the IP address in a browser, it forwards me to somebody's WD Home NAS device login page.  So, this is clearly an IP address still assigned to somebody else.  I will note that I have had the same IP address (starting with 24) since before I got the first notice. 


I called the number listed in the email earlier today and spoke to two agents for about an hour.  They were unable to comprehend that the IP address might belong to someone else.  I tried to find out what they had listed for my IP address but all they had was an ipv6 address.  I don't have ipv6 enabled on any of my routers or modems so I'm not able to tell if that is correct or not. 


I have already changed by wireless password since I got the first notice, and I live alone so there's nobody else in the house who could have possibly downloaded the file mentioned.  Also, when I got the first notice I thought I could possibly have a virus/malware infection but I realized the "infringement time" listed was in the middle of the night when all my PCs were turned off.


This notice is not doing me any harm yet, but I do not want to have my service disconnected or speed throttled due to an error which seems to be on Comcast's end.  Has anybody else experienced this, and what did you do to resolve it?



This is the most recent notice I've got:



Notice of Action under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act



Incident Number:        IHXXXXXXXX
Report Date/Time:      2018-01-23 23:50:26.0 UTC

My name and address (removed for privacy)

Dear Internet Customer:

Comcast has received a notification by a copyright owner, or its authorized agent, reporting an alleged infringement of one or more copyrighted works made on or over Comcast’s Xfinity Internet or Business-Class Internet service (the “Service”).  The copyright owner has identified the Internet Protocol (“IP”) address associated with your Service account at the time as the source of the infringing works.  The works identified by the copyright owner in its notification are listed below.  Comcast reminds you that use of the Service (or any part of the Service) in any manner that constitutes an infringement of any copyrighted work is a violation of Comcast’s Acceptable Use Policy and may result in the suspension or termination of your Service account.

If you have any questions regarding this notice, you may direct them to Comcast in one of the following formats:

                         Comcast Customer Security Assurance
                         Comcast Cable Communications, LLC
                         141 Woodcrest Road
                         Cherry Hill, NJ 08003 U.S.A.
                         Phone: (877) 842-2112
                         Fax: (856) 324-2940


For more information regarding Comcast’s copyright infringement policy, procedures, and contact information, please read our Acceptable Use Policy for XFINITY Internet for residential customers, or our Acceptable Use Policy for High-Speed Internet Services for business customers.


Comcast Customer Security Assurance


Copyright work(s) identified in the notification of claimed infringement:


Infringing Work: Justice League
Filename: Justice.League.2017.KORSUB.HDRip.x264-STUTTERSHI*
Infringement Date: 2018-01-23 23:50:26.0 UTC
Infringement Type: BitTorrent
Infringement Method: BITTORRENT
IP Address:
Reporting Party: IP-Echelon Compliance <p2p@copyright.ip-echelon.com>
Reporting Party Case: 6497e4f4d99863fbeda2



*There was originally a "T" at the end of the filename but I was not allowed to post that bad word on the forum.

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Re: Getting numerous "Notification of Claimed Copyright Infringement" emails listing wrong

I just received one as well.  It states a period for which I was (and remain) out of town.  And the IP address is incorrect.  for a SIMS 4 file.  (SIMS 4?  Really???)

Did you ever receive a resolution to this issue?

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Re: Getting numerous "Notification of Claimed Copyright Infringement" emails listing wrong

Yah I had a similar issue just today. At first I thought it was bc I didnt have a password on our wifi but on inspection I found I do. It looks like somone in my building hacked our wifi and has been downloading content for the past 2 years. I had no idea until today when I got the email. I'm not all that tech savvy but jeez these crooks are crafty! I thought once I turned off my computer that my internet would shut off but a comcast rep informed me that it's always on and available for people to access or hack it and download content from me. I hope my updated password will put a stop to this.
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