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Comcast and Norton

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Comcast and Norton

Hello. I am about ready to shower and sleep after another all nighter with issues on my pc.  It all came about when I first downloaded Norton Suite for my pc. Comcast is the only cable provider in town, so no competition.  After downloading the Norton, well now I have a public open port .. and since I had decided to learn a new skill - am retired and poor health, I find a notepad message to me from whomever.  name It was a month old.  Stating he enjoyed my photos and if I gave him the name of my photos, he would return them .. lol .. well, that never happened, but I printed the 1 page notepad.  Out came 18 pages of codes and information from inside my computer, etc.  Must have started the process when I clicked on the notepag d text.  Then Windows Medial opened and photots of my family were flying out at me ... I shut my computer off.  Turned off the Gatews ay.  The next time, I logged on, I didn't go looking for anything, just normal routine.  I find another notepad message about a house building copywrite and how he would not do that to me.  I have no clue what this persois n is talking about .. and he ended his sentence with .. Now, I go delete Di, you and  me.   That's when I watched my pc lose 300 G of free space in seconds.  I grabbed my cell phone and opened DOS on my pc and whew ... 35 minutes later, I had seen 45 mb on my free space and now it was back to 315 G.  

I did some research, it was just beyond my imagination.  I contacted Norton, well Norton came in and found some files left behind.  BUT, in my research , I found NORTON to be the problem.  There were files duplicated over 350,000 times in Norton.  I had 3 conversations with them and then uninstalled it.  No more issues.  Here it is the new year and I decided to try Norton again.  I had tried several other products and was being refunded and big hassle.  I must be on some good stuff because I thought well Comcast cares about their customers.  And, Norton seemed to care, although, we ended up 3 tiers on support.  Norton didn't last long this time . shorter than last time.  Yesterday, I logged off and received a message that other people were on my computer and if I logged off then I would disconnect them..  I turned to Norton, who had no interest in my real issue -- you know that Norton Power Washer works everytime.  I had ran it 2x - removing 2 people from my REGISTRY.  My task manager is now System Explorer where I can see 6-8 instances of Chrome, and other programs running.  I have whomever this person is, identification, because he is now a PARENT over me and back in my Registry, made my pc a network, and obviously in a couple hours some people had a good time.  I had removed all photos etc before this.  I do not know where to turn.  Dell wants to send me another laptop ... Norton wants to use their powre eraser.  I closed the ports and my icon on the right hand side shows no internet but I am accessing internet , but with issues, I need a home network for others.  Okay wth is going on?  

Frustrated, exhausted and really ticked off!

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Re: Comcast and Norton

Anyone want a crack at it on my pc?  lol .. I am game for anything right now .. a decent antispyware, malware, etc etc would be nice ............

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