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New Xfinity Forum Badges


New Xfinity Forum Badges

As of 04/25/18, you will notice new Xfinity Forum badges. These badges will be in addition to our existing badges and will be awarded for performing new actions within the community.



Knowledge Base Badges:

Our Knowledge Base is an area in the community where our most active, well written posts live. The Knowledge Base is important for the community as it collects the best forum posts in one place so they are easily accessible and searchable (similar to a library of curated content). You will be able to easily identify these articles in the community as they have the word ANSWERED at the beginning of the title.


These articles come directly from posts in the community and can be authored by any registered forum user. For every article you help author, you will listed as a contributor right on that article. The more articles you contribute to, the more badges you will receive.



Unified Badges:

Unified badges are our most exciting badges yet. They require you to complete all of our most important forum actions to receive them. This means that you must be actively posting, replying to others, having your replies marked as the Best Answer on a post, receive kudos from the community, and contribute to Knowledge Base articles.


These badges will be a little more difficult to receive than other badges, but they are much more rewarding. We welcome you to actively participate in the community in different ways so you can be awarded these new badges.


Good Luck!!

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